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Wash & Café

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Company Culture


  • R: Responsible for every customers’ car, with a focus on attention to detail.
  • O: Offers competitive  prices on car washes and cafe products.
  • Y: You are the most important assets to us.
  • A: Absolutely provide the best before and after service to our customers.
  • L: Luxury enjoyment with modern devices.
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Equipment and Products


Royal Car Wash is proud to use ‘SONAX’ hand wash products and tools on customers’ vehicles. SONAX is a world leader in car care products and has long term contracts with major car groups in the world including BMW and Audi. The German company was established in 1903 and since then has enjoyed a long and successful history, exceeding that of BMW, Mercedes and Audi. These days, over 60% of the European car care and wash market uses SONAX products.

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While your car receives the royal treatment, you can enjoy a bite to eat in our café. Next time you’re in the city, make sure you book a car wash in the afternoon, so you can indulge in a delicious lunch while you wait. You can also take a browse around our modern facility, which boasts an outdoor area and comfortable amenities. We even have a car culture area, where you can learn about the history of cars.

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Modern Devices


It is our mission to ensure our valued clients enjoy their time at Royal Car Wash. In order to achieve this, we provide our customers with free Wi-Fi and complimentary use of Apple iPads, while they wait for their car to be serviced. We also have three televisions with a variety of different channels to choose from, as well as wireless earphones. Customers are even invited to watch their car being treated by our professional team via our iPad application.

Today's Date: 21st January 2018